Arts Education Courses and Schedule

The Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE) in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture is an innovative arts education program that fosters the creative and intellectual growth of UCLA Arts students while providing much needed arts education curricula to children in underserved communities. VAPAE offers courses designed to introduce  undergraduates  to key issues and methodologies in the field of arts education and to a broad range of careers in the arts, including K-12 teaching,  community arts education,  museum education, creative arts therapies, and arts advocacy.   

Students from all fields of study are encouraged to participate fully in the VAPAE Program; however the VAPAE minor is only open to selected majors with extensive training in the arts.  

The  Arts Education Teaching Sequence (AETS), an essential component of the VAPAE minor, comprises three courses (Arts Ed M102, M192, M192SL) in which selected undergraduates explore core issues in arts education, creativity, and social justice. Students are assigned to K-12 classrooms in the Los Angeles area, where they first observe and then implement an 8-week sequential arts-based unit plan under the supervision of a credentialed guiding teacher. These AETS courses are offered each year, and students may begin the sequential coursework. 

For more information about the VAPAE minor and the Arts Education Teaching Sequence, please contact the VAPAE Office or the Office of Student Services. 


2018-19 Course Schedule  

Fall 2018

Arts Education 101 – An Introduction to Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies for Multiple Populations

Introduction to creative and expressive arts therapy approaches for social-emotional learning with diverse populations. This course is designed with an emphasis on creative and interdisciplinary parallel processing for teaching artists, through theory and practice. Students will explore the importance and impact of creative art therapy on different age groups and diverse populations, and, in their final project, design their own healing arts workshop.

Dr. Mimi Savage, Lecturer
Wednesday, 6:00-8:50 p.m.

Arts Education M102 – Introduction to Arts Education for Multiple Publics - Theory and Practice 

Offered as the first course in the Arts Education Teaching Sequence, this course provides an overview of arts education for multiple publics in inner-city settings. Students will learn basic theories of arts education and artistic development while having a hands-on experience developing standards-informed art lessons emphasizing the creative process and social justice.  

Dr. Jessica Bianchi, Lecturer
Thursday, 6:00-8:50 p.m. 

Arts Education M192 – Arts Education Teaching Practicum 

Upon successful completion of Arts Ed M102, students enroll in Arts Ed M192 to develop original arts-based lesson plans geared towards their assigned K-12 classroom. This course is designed to prepare students to teach arts lessons in a school setting. Students will learn how to implement basic theories of arts education while developing arts lessons emphasizing community and social justice. 

Onya Hogan-Finlay, Lecturer
Thursday, 6:00-8:50 p.m.