In 2015 the history and practice of Socially Engaged Arts Pedagogy was explored by 18 VAPAE students in Arts Education 103, a core course offered by Kevin Kane, Lecturer and Associate Director of VAPAE.



For an in-depth look at VAPAE's Arts Education Teaching Sequence please take a few minutes to watch the video below. "The Making of a Teaching Artist" tracks four UCLA VAPAE students as they develop their arts-based teaching practice, and progressively develop into outstanding Teaching Artists.



The Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer is an on-going collaboration between VAPAE and the UCLA Hammer Museum. Each March, VAPAE hosts two classrooms of elementary aged pupils at the Hammer Museum and UCLA's campus, for an immersive week in-residence in an arts-rich environment.



VAPAE’s Afterschool Programs offer students in the Los Angeles area supportive and constructive out-of-school arts activities. The dance program at Uni High in the fall of 2015 culminated in the production of this music video, choreographed and created by the dancers.